Survey Methodology

At the end of 2015, FT Remark surveyed 700 senior executives at major businesses around the globe about their experiences of cross-border M&A and their views about the outlook for dealmaking over the next three years. Some 19% of respondents were headquartered in the Americas, 44% were EMEA-based and 37% were from the Asia-Pacific region. All companies had annual revenues of at least US$1 billion and all participants in the survey had considered at least one cross-border acquisition over the preceding 24 months.

In addition to commenting on their overall business strategy, respondents shared insights on the most significant deal in which they were recently involved. The survey included a combination of qualitative and quantitative questions and all interviews were conducted over the telephone by appointment. Results were analysed and collated by FT Remark, an independently-appointed research company, and all responses are anonymised and presented in aggregate.

In order to capture any change in sentiment due to changing economic conditions in early 2016, FT Remark conducted a second study in February 2016 of 100 of the same respondents from the original survey group of 700. The regional breakdown of the second survey mirrors the first. Results from this second survey are presented in the opening chapter.